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Professional Learning Institute. As the scope of cyber-crimes are numerous than any other forms of offences, so the researcher go through about the well-known offences which commonly occur in the UAE and preventive measures of those crimes.

It will help the policy makers, legislators as well as the researchers to know about the problems and prospects to curb the cyber-crimes. The results of. This study will be concerned with the present status or present prospective of cyber- crimes and prevention thereof, as well as the effectiveness of the laws, awareness of people and respect to laws and the steps of Government, which are regarded as the glaring challenges of day, it deserves some inordinate relevance.

It will be a brand combination for the author, because as far as known, there has been no work done as yet regarding this matter in UAE.

It is expected that this current aspect be treated as vital and valuable source for the employees on this topic. The findings of the study will be useful for individuals, especially those interested and concerned in the field.

Funding Sources

In addition this research will pave way for a range of opportunities for other authors or researchers interested in this field. I guess the next question would be: which limitations should I mention? Look, it is extremely difficult to describe all possible types of research limitations.

It will vary greatly depending on the type and nature of the study. Once you are done thinking and considering the limitations of your work, a simple question may arise: Where in my thesis should I include such limitations? Please note: there is no specific format to this and it may vary from supervisor to supervisor, and sometimes certain universities may have their own guidelines. And why?

Scope and Limitations

Because as mentioned above, the limitations may be due to any section of your work. For example:. Got it?

Now go ahead and be honest with the limitations of your work! Reviewers will be positively impressed! Please note: All the suggestions here are personal, according to my own supervision style. Feel absolutely free to discuss them with your supervisor or other academics.

Research Limitations - Research-Methodology

Each one tends to have their own style and expectations. Hope these tips have been useful for you and wish you all the best! Home About Contact Who are we? Francisco Tigre Moura Collaborator: Prof.

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