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Especially when she reminisces in the final stanza about the time she was young and beautiful, illustrating her complete lack of confidence.

Carol Ann Duffy – Medusa | Genius

It could be read as a cry of despair or, as a threat — if you did look at Medusa you would die. This leaves the reader feeling conflicting emotions for the character, probably similar to how Medusa herself feels in the poem. Achieve the results you want with-written revision resources when you register with iRevise. Its Free! Sign In Create An Account.

Go Premium. There are bullet tears in my eyes. Are you terrified?

Be terrified. It is a paradoxical phrase as bullets are dangerous and violent objects when tears are weak and soft. It is also ironic as her tears fall from her eyes, which turn men into stone in mythology. If sadness reduces, anger increases.

Discuss the use of imagery in the poem "Medusa" by Carol Ann Duffy

Instead of becoming a monster in the eyes of others, she becomes one in her own. She puts the curse on herself and is the only one with the power to stop it, and live in society again. The poem on itself is a metaphor, one for aging: the sudden loneliness, and vanishing youth and beauty.

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This phrase is written in the present tense, making it straightforward, which creates anxiety in the reader. Firstly it could be interpreted that she has defeated her fears and is ready to provoke men and face them, showing feminism. Secondly that she now accepts to be seen or at last, that she declares her ability to paralyse men. Metaphors are crucial as they grow along but symbolism also holds a leading role.

Second stanza

However, snakes also represent sensuality, Emerson, n. Snakes provoke fear, as they are dangerous, poisonous, like Medusa, especially to herself in the poem.

TES English - Medusa

In theory, they personify immortality, Emerson, n. Whereas Medusa is mortal, her misfortune is eternal.

More about Poem Analysis: Medusa by Carol Ann Duffy

Both snakes and Medusa need to be dominant. They symbolize the bridge, Emerson, n. Medusa crosses one from weakness to force.

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It is said that multiple snakes symbolise duality, Emerson, n. Is she really dreadful or just feeling so? Snakes symbolize protection, Emerson, n.

Medusa – Carol Ann Duffy

We discover a transformation in Medusa, a change of skin. Lastly, if snakes symbolise healing, they also symbolise men with their assertive power, Emerson, n. Snakes crossing symbolise uniting again what was once destroyed, Emerson, n. Animals have increased in size. Pigs symbolise virility, strength, fertility, ignorance, laziness and dirtiness, Avenefica, , p. Womanizers are often linked to pigs.