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  1. Carl Sagan’s Defense of Abortion Rights Remains Relevant | Martin Hughes
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Sagan attended the University of Chicago earning two degrees in physics. He followed with a doctorate in Astronomy in and taught at Harvard University until , when he moved to Cornell University. Sagan became a teacher and director at Cornell in He helped many unmanned spacecraft to explore outer space. He thought of the idea of putting a message on spacecraft which could be understood by any life from another planet that might find it.

The first message sent into space was a large gold-plated label on the space probe Pioneer He continued to make the messages better. The last message he helped with was the Voyager Golden Record that was sent out with the Voyager space probes.

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He was well known as a writer who warned of the dangers of nuclear winter. He helped people learn about the atmosphere of Venus , seasonal changes on Mars , and Saturn's moon Titan. He showed that the atmosphere of Venus is very hot and dense. He also said that global warming was a growing, man-made danger like the natural development of Venus into a hot and dangerous planet with greenhouse gases. He suggested that the seasonal changes on Mars were due to dust storms. Sagan was among the first to guess that Titan and Jupiter's moon Europa might have oceans or lakes, which means that life could be there.

Europa's underground ocean was later confirmed by the spacecraft Galileo. Sagan thought the search for life on other planets was a good idea. He said scientists should listen with large radio telescopes for signals from other planets. However as the story progresses she exhibits the emptiness which she feels. By her eighth month, she has came across complications.

Carl Sagan’s Defense of Abortion Rights Remains Relevant | Martin Hughes

Within one week, they continue to get progressively worse. She is eventually rushed to the hospital. There her symptoms are studied by medical professionals. She soon is told that her complications are so severe that they might cost her her life. She is now faced with a choice. A medical dilemma of saving her life with the use of an abortion, or the moral dilemma of saving her childs life Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan. Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan Length: words 2.

Abortion: Is It Possible To Be Both Pro Life And Pro Choice? Carl Sagan And Ann Druyan

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Need Writing Help? Should Abortion Be Legal? Essay example - Abortions, ever since they became an option for women to terminate an unwanted baby either for personal or health related reasons, were always a touchy subject for people because on one side you are ending a possible human 's life, but on the other it is the woman 's body and her choice with what she wants to do with it.

Bush] Better Essays words 3. An Acquaintance with Darkness by Ann Rinaldi Essay - An Acquaintance with Darkness by Ann Rinaldi Ann Rinaldi has written many books for young teenagers, she is an Award winning author who writes stories of American history and makes them become real to the readers.

Carl Sagan Essay - Carl Sagan is known as one of the most famous scientists of all time. Furthermore, by citing the Bible, Anderson damages his ethos by suggesting his arguments from authority are less than authoritative. In his essay, he argues that because an embryo is genetically distinct from the mother at the moment of conception, it is an individual, and morally cannot be terminated by the mother.

He then uses the medical definitions for death to define life, in order to demonstrate that an embryo is indeed alive. Most significantly, he cites the onset of brainwave functions at about 40 days into gestation as proof that a fetus is fully human. Our visual senses tell us this is a baby growing and maturing.

He effectively tugs at our heartstrings with this imagery. He concludes his medical arguments by affirming his belief that medical science requires acknowledgment of a zygote as full human being at the moment of conception. Anderson claims that the landmark Supreme Court case Roe v. Anderson rejects the ruling, which declined to define when life begins in the womb yet still overturned abortion laws in fifty states. He reasons that if the Supreme Court refused to define when life begins, then they should have erred on the humane side, and struck down abortion.

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While his logical reasoning is sound, Anderson also damages his ethos with his misunderstanding of Roe v. The primary basis of the ruling was that abortion laws violated Due Process, which holds that laws must be apply to everyone and be enforced equally. Restrictions on abortion were historically only enforced against poor or minority women—wealthy white women were generally given a free pass. This bias violated the principle of Due Process, as stated in the fourteenth amendment of the Constitution. Additionally, Anderson gets one of his facts wrong: Roe v. Wade only overturned abortion laws in forty-six states, not all fifty.


In essence, Anderson argues that any other definition of human beings would condone infanticide, which is a rather broad statement to make. Surely, there must be some alternative way of defining humanity? Unlike many others on the subject, the two of them make a claim of policy , rather than value. Druyan and Sagan begin by acknowledging the controversy surrounding abortion, the complexity of the issue, and observing the strength of arguments used by both sides.

This introduction marks their essay as unique among abortion essays. The essay methodically goes through and addresses each sides concerns and hang-ups, relying predominantly on logical reasoning. Druyan and Sagan begin by addressing the most common pro-life arguments.

The authors build ethos when they proceed to acknowledge the pro-choice counter-arguments.