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Give specific examples from the three battle scenes from Beowulf, and give examples from the various trials Luke faces. Introduction: sentences minimum including thesis. Explain what the characteristics of an epic are within your introduction , then, explain how Beowulf fits three categories in particular. Be sure to use evidence from all of the battles to support your thesis. Introduction: sentences including thesis. Explain what these virtues are within your introduction, then, explain how Beowulf fits three of these virtues in particular.

Introduce Beowulf. Who is he?

What are the four earthly virtues of Anglo-Saxon society? Beowulf Essays. Essay Questions Directions: Type your responses. Introduce Luke Skywalker. Explain how Luke Skywalker exhibits that same criteria.

Beowulf essays fate

Conclusion: 2 sentences minimum Sum it all up by restating your thesis. Why should I care? Total sentence length: minimum.

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Beowulf, The Epic Hero

Cancel Update Rating. Finally, tell your readers how you will analyze the poem to prove your thesis by including your three main points. There will be three paragraphs to your body, and each should include a different fact. You will state this in your topic sentence. Each of these should relate back to the point that you made in the final statement of the introduction. Finally, be sure to provide the supporting evidence for your claim. Three separate pieces of evidence is a good stand-by, however, you can include more if you choose.

Your conclusion will summarize your ideas once again. You should not copy any of your previous statements, but you should re-state them. You should also try to end with a quote from Beowulf or relate the themes to the real world so that the conclusion is fuller and more fulfilling for your reader.

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The final thing you must do is proofread to check for understandability. Your entire analysis should tie together in a way that makes sense.

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Additionally, all of the information included in your body paragraphs should tie back to the thesis that you stated in the introduction, and again in the conclusion. Be sure to provide plenty of supporting details so your teacher or professor is assured that you know what you are talking about.

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Beowulf, an Epic Hero essays

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